Thursday, March 14, 2013

happy pi day!

miniature pie magnets! what's not to love? it's march 14th, therefore 3/14. in honor of pi day (not to be confused with pie day (although why not celebrate both?)), i made these adorable little magnets out of bottle caps, itty bitty beads, pie crust colored felt, and glue. it was a really easy project and i can't wait to make more using different kind of beads. i want to make blueberry pies and blackberry pies and i don't know how i'd do it but i want to make key lime pies too. the possibilities are endless, kinda.

i used tan felt to make the pie crusts. at first, i made them to fit all the way inside the bottle caps, but i think i like it better with the edges raised. i forgot to trim them so they look uniform, but i can do that at any point.

i put a big ole blob of glue in the center of each cap and then tapped some beads onto the glue. it took two layers to achieve the height of the "fruit" that i wanted.

using the same felt as the crust, i made thin strips to use as the latticed pie topping. next time i would have made them a little bit thinner. they kind of look like fettuccine noodles. 

after the glue dried, i trimmed the edges. i wanted to keep a few of them without any extras on top so the red beads were more eye catching. i let them dry over night and then the next day, i glued a magnet to the back of each bottle cap. 

i love them! i think they're adorable and i really enjoyed how easy this project was. this would be a really cute house warming or birthday gift.

to be honest, i wasn't really aware there was a real day to honor actual pies. apparently it was january 23rd. but march 14th has always been a special day in my heart, even if i can't recite past the 10thish decimal place. 3.14159265359... i was going to attempt to make an apple pie earlier in the week until i realized i have essentially no kitchen cookware while i am staying out of town for this co-op. i guess i'll have to leave that for the summer time!

of course, michael's response to me being excited about finishing this little project.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

quilt update

i started my very first quilt last summer and it has taken me a lot longer than expected to get to work on it. i'm determined to finish it by the end of this semester that way i can get to work on my next quilt because i have so many (soooo many) more ideas. when i get bored at work, i draw up quilt designs. yeah, i'm obsessed.

picking up where i left off last summer...piecing together all of the blocks. i had finished the blocks then started to sew them together horizontally, but i hated the fabric i chose to surround the blocks. in january, in a huff, i ripped all of the seams and set out to find a new border fabric. all it took was a trip to joann's and i was hooked on this teal fern-like flower print. 

i am SO glad i ended up changing my mind because this teal print matches perfectly and i love love love it. teal + red + coral + neutral colors = i'm sold.

so far, it seems to be about a twin size quilt. i didn't set out to make a certain size, and really i've done this whole quilting thing in a very amateur way. i just wanted to make a sample quilt like my mom made over 20 years ago (and never finished - my quilt goal is to finish it for her). i didn't care about the final size of it. i didn't care that half of my points are not points at all. i'm anticipating that this quilt will be used for more utility than display, because i'm gonna cherish every inch of this dang thing. i love it and i'm so happy with how it's turned out. i've got my backing fabric, batting and the top is done, i'm just waiting on getting my walking foot mailed to me. and then it's on.

my mom started this quilt when my older sister katie was only a year old. it's been sitting in the back of her closet for over twenty years, unquilted. it'd be awesome if i could finish it for her!

making moves

missing this little one's cuddles.

stuck in my trunk right now: iron, mini ironing board, sewing machine, almost finished quilt top, sewing accessories, boxes of crafting supplies, and much more. and where do i wish it all was? in it's own special spot on a desk, or on a shelf, back in auburn. set up in the bragg house. that i won't be living in full time until the beginning of may. yuugghhh.

i've done a little bit of moving around in the last few months. from auburn to hartselle to huntsville. hopefully no more moving until i am moving back to auburn in may to finish out the rest of my time as a college kid. (holy crud-i graduate so soon!) i am looking forward to having the space to work on my quilt, the time to work on all of the ideas that never make it past my "to-do list", not being three hours away from my buddy, and those ugly, chipped red floors. i miss you, bragg house. i hate being away from you.

came back to auburn one weekend to this little surprise. my birthday was in january and caroline's was the week after this little luau occurred. there was punch, coconuts, streamer skirts, and cookie cake. my friends are great.


very comfortable shirt i got today for $2

an immediate IMMEDIATE task that i have made myself promise to do once i return in may is to go through all of my stuff that is at home and get rid of the junk. do i REALLY need that old apple sauce jar? no, probably not. am i ever going to use that book end? doubt it, but it is so cute. and i am seriously kidding myself for holding on to that shirt that looked awesome on me in high school because i am not in high school anymore, nor am i in that bod. so i must pitch it. living on the basic necessities and the few things i've taken with me during my semester away has shown me that i have a lot of crud that i can afford to get rid of. so i'm gonna do it.

but if you think i'm getting rid of my book or vintage fabric collections, you can pound sand!