Tuesday, March 5, 2013

making moves

missing this little one's cuddles.

stuck in my trunk right now: iron, mini ironing board, sewing machine, almost finished quilt top, sewing accessories, boxes of crafting supplies, and much more. and where do i wish it all was? in it's own special spot on a desk, or on a shelf, back in auburn. set up in the bragg house. that i won't be living in full time until the beginning of may. yuugghhh.

i've done a little bit of moving around in the last few months. from auburn to hartselle to huntsville. hopefully no more moving until i am moving back to auburn in may to finish out the rest of my time as a college kid. (holy crud-i graduate so soon!) i am looking forward to having the space to work on my quilt, the time to work on all of the ideas that never make it past my "to-do list", not being three hours away from my buddy, and those ugly, chipped red floors. i miss you, bragg house. i hate being away from you.

came back to auburn one weekend to this little surprise. my birthday was in january and caroline's was the week after this little luau occurred. there was punch, coconuts, streamer skirts, and cookie cake. my friends are great.


very comfortable shirt i got today for $2

an immediate IMMEDIATE task that i have made myself promise to do once i return in may is to go through all of my stuff that is at home and get rid of the junk. do i REALLY need that old apple sauce jar? no, probably not. am i ever going to use that book end? doubt it, but it is so cute. and i am seriously kidding myself for holding on to that shirt that looked awesome on me in high school because i am not in high school anymore, nor am i in that bod. so i must pitch it. living on the basic necessities and the few things i've taken with me during my semester away has shown me that i have a lot of crud that i can afford to get rid of. so i'm gonna do it.

but if you think i'm getting rid of my book or vintage fabric collections, you can pound sand!


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