Tuesday, March 5, 2013

quilt update

i started my very first quilt last summer and it has taken me a lot longer than expected to get to work on it. i'm determined to finish it by the end of this semester that way i can get to work on my next quilt because i have so many (soooo many) more ideas. when i get bored at work, i draw up quilt designs. yeah, i'm obsessed.

picking up where i left off last summer...piecing together all of the blocks. i had finished the blocks then started to sew them together horizontally, but i hated the fabric i chose to surround the blocks. in january, in a huff, i ripped all of the seams and set out to find a new border fabric. all it took was a trip to joann's and i was hooked on this teal fern-like flower print. 

i am SO glad i ended up changing my mind because this teal print matches perfectly and i love love love it. teal + red + coral + neutral colors = i'm sold.

so far, it seems to be about a twin size quilt. i didn't set out to make a certain size, and really i've done this whole quilting thing in a very amateur way. i just wanted to make a sample quilt like my mom made over 20 years ago (and never finished - my quilt goal is to finish it for her). i didn't care about the final size of it. i didn't care that half of my points are not points at all. i'm anticipating that this quilt will be used for more utility than display, because i'm gonna cherish every inch of this dang thing. i love it and i'm so happy with how it's turned out. i've got my backing fabric, batting and the top is done, i'm just waiting on getting my walking foot mailed to me. and then it's on.

my mom started this quilt when my older sister katie was only a year old. it's been sitting in the back of her closet for over twenty years, unquilted. it'd be awesome if i could finish it for her!


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