Thursday, March 14, 2013

happy pi day!

miniature pie magnets! what's not to love? it's march 14th, therefore 3/14. in honor of pi day (not to be confused with pie day (although why not celebrate both?)), i made these adorable little magnets out of bottle caps, itty bitty beads, pie crust colored felt, and glue. it was a really easy project and i can't wait to make more using different kind of beads. i want to make blueberry pies and blackberry pies and i don't know how i'd do it but i want to make key lime pies too. the possibilities are endless, kinda.

i used tan felt to make the pie crusts. at first, i made them to fit all the way inside the bottle caps, but i think i like it better with the edges raised. i forgot to trim them so they look uniform, but i can do that at any point.

i put a big ole blob of glue in the center of each cap and then tapped some beads onto the glue. it took two layers to achieve the height of the "fruit" that i wanted.

using the same felt as the crust, i made thin strips to use as the latticed pie topping. next time i would have made them a little bit thinner. they kind of look like fettuccine noodles. 

after the glue dried, i trimmed the edges. i wanted to keep a few of them without any extras on top so the red beads were more eye catching. i let them dry over night and then the next day, i glued a magnet to the back of each bottle cap. 

i love them! i think they're adorable and i really enjoyed how easy this project was. this would be a really cute house warming or birthday gift.

to be honest, i wasn't really aware there was a real day to honor actual pies. apparently it was january 23rd. but march 14th has always been a special day in my heart, even if i can't recite past the 10thish decimal place. 3.14159265359... i was going to attempt to make an apple pie earlier in the week until i realized i have essentially no kitchen cookware while i am staying out of town for this co-op. i guess i'll have to leave that for the summer time!

of course, michael's response to me being excited about finishing this little project.


Sandra Ryan said...

These are just lovely! Thanks for sharing your process.

noxcreare said...

lovely diy!!!!!
beautiful creations! I invite you on my blog .. .. let me know what you think .. I'm also a creative

XV Mind said...

Great idea! I must try!!! :-D

Jennifer Gibbons said...

omg, love the response by him about picking them up off the floor...hehehe OOOPS But they are cute!

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