Monday, April 8, 2013

things that make me happy

here are some pictures of things that have made me happy recently.

we made a fort in the living room when i was home in auburn a few weekends ago (like five year olds (that drink beer in their forts)).

my kitty, tallulah! it bums me out that i am not living with her these days. i miss my buddy. my allergies don't.

homemade buttermilk biscuits made by michael - they were so delicious. i'm going to have to convince him to make these all the time. but with gravy. that has sausage in it.

my new couch! i got it from the habitat for humanity thrift store in auburn for only $35. there are a few imperfections, such as a rip at the bottom of the frame and a worn spot on the armrest, but neither of these are hard to fix/cover. it was such a steal, i saw it the second we walked in an it didn't take long to convince myself it needed to come home with me. i'm obsessed with the print.

cat approved couch

two thrift store mugs and my basil and sunflower baby plants that i am trying to grow. they might not turn into good looking adult plants, but look! little baby plants that i grew!

eggs and potatoes for breakfast. all that was missing was some homemade buttermilk biscuits from michael.


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