Sunday, April 28, 2013

things that make me happy

here are some things that make me happy: knowing i'm less than a week away from moving back to auburn for the rest of the year; nashville; this video of a cat wearing a shark costume on a roomba hanging out with a duckling; upcoming projects for mq and i; seeing my family in a week and a half in florida.

also all of these pictures (some old, some recent):

i don't know what it is about north alabama winters, but i'd see the above scene nearly ever day. so many birds flying together always, you never see a single one on it's own. it's kind of captivating.

this was taken one weekend while i was home in auburn. there is a stray cat (or maybe a neighbors? we don't know) that comes around and we call it "chief tirewater" after he (he's really a she) kept drinking water out of a tire that was near our front yard for awhile. well, chief likes to visit us but tallulah doesn't really know what to think of it. in my dreams, they become best friends and chief comes with us when we move.

judging by jeremy's jack's cup and the ripped open case of beer, i'd say this was taken the morning after a porch party. porch parties usually consist of jeremy, mq, me and lots of guitar playing. it's our favorite.

we have a kite we named 'samson' and we take him to the park sometimes. this day it was kind of a bust but it was still so nice to lay out in the sun during a cold winter afternoon.

snow in downtown decatur! well not really snow. i mean, real snow, but it wasn't like it accumulated or anything. sadface. i was way too excited and eager about this.

i found this shirt in a thrift store in decatur but didn't feel right wearing it. it was a little too cheesy, but at the same time i love light houses. because it was super soft, i decided to make a pillow out of it. my plan of action for the rest of the shirt is to cut out the individual light houses and make them the center of some log cabin-esque squares for a quilt. we'll see what happens. hopefully i can work on it soon.

this was taken at work. that guy is BRAVE for being so close to the edge (he was tied off to an anchored point). because this coming week is my last week, i might be able to be escorted up on top of the building and i'm really excited/scared.

one weekend i drove up to nashville to do a little shopping. i have never been to the city before so i was very excited. i made sure to visit the parthenon while i was there and it was so cool. the park that surrounds it was packed with kids taking prom pictures, people reading on blankets with their dogs, college kids tossing around a frisbee. it was such a refreshing sight to see. i'd love to live in that city.


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